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Wolfeboro Details

Wolfeboro is a small tourist/vacation town on Lake Winnepesaukee that serves as both a passenger and industry endpoint on the railroad.  Industry set outs and pickups are via the local turn coming from Dover.

A turntable was present on the prototype and is shown below as being modelled on the layout, though if included at all it may only be for scenic purposes and will probably be modelled as ovegrown and no longer operational as the diesels used in my era did not have to be turned.

As with Ossipee, operations here will be kept pretty minimal due to its location above the northernmost end of Portmouth yard.  However, the area of Portsmouth yard at this end will not be as heavily used by the yard operator, so some minor industry set-out and pick up activity on the team track here should be feasible without interfering significantly with the Portsmouth yard operator.