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V1 – Track Plan

The track plan for the NNE Scenic (formerly the MEC and B&M Scenic as labelled) consists of a lower hidden staging level, a middle Main level with multiple stations, and an upper mostly scenic level that terminates at a large paper mill in Gilman, VT.

Here is the original track plan for the middle Main level:


 Notice the various 60 degree and 120 degree angles.  Those represent the actual room shape.  The left, upper, and right sides of the layout are fully along the room walls.  The lower right area in front of Dover, NH is open room space.  Because the layout is not especially large and would never have more than one individual in the innermost areas either in Madison NH or in the area to the upper left near the wye, I kept the aisles fairly narrow, at roughly 24 inches.  That is wide enough either for one person to stand or for me to roll my office chair around to work on the main level from a sitting position.  A standard office chair will fit at any point of the layout.

Height of the main level starts at approximately 34 inches in Dover, NH and climbs to about 37 inches in Bartlett.  While this is lower than traditional, this allows me two advantages.  First, I am not able to stand for long periods of time in one spot, and certainly not bend for long periods.  This height allows me to do almost all of my main level layout work sitting in a rolling office chair.  Second, it allows me 21 inches of separation between the main level and the underside of the sub-roadbed for the upper level, which starts at 55 inches.  Since I am 6′ tall, I can work on the upper level standing and individuals standing by the layout get a good more level view of the scenic upper level while maintaining a fairly complete view of the main level without being blocked substantially by the valance.

Below is the current track plan for the upper level:

The upper level includes plans for a removable duck-under that will allow for continuous looping on the upper level at the same time as continuous looping between the main level and the under layout staging.  During most operations, this duck under would be removed and the approach tracks electrically isolated.

Finally, here is the plan for the under layout staging:

More detailed information and exploded views of sections of the track plan can be found on the track plan detail pages.