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V1 – Scenery on the NNES

The Northern New England Scenic Model Railroad is designed to showcase some of the great scenic spots I have enjoyed throughout my life in NH.  The selection of N scale was partly motivated by my desire for recreating scenic vistas and recognizable spots.

Madison, NH

Madison is a fairly recent addition to my scenic favorite spots.  Riding the Silver Lake railroad is a family fun ride on open air railcars similar to those found at amusement parks.  But the ride is beautiful, running between eskers and along marshes with beaver trails amongst the marsh grasses.  The eskers and marsh feature prominantly between Madison and North Conway on the layout.

North Conway, NH

The iconic Conway station will eventually appear beside the yard in North Conway, NH on the layout.  Behind the station the backdrop depicts the ridge of mountains that include Mt Cranmore.

Arethusa Falls

Scenic Arethusa falls is my favorite waterfall in NH.  With a total height of approximately 160 feet, the falls begin with a cascading set of short drops that suddenly plunge well over 100 feet down the cliff face and then cascading further over exposed flat rocks. Note that estimates of the height of the falls varies greatly, from 100 to 200 feet.  But the 160 feet total height which includes the initial drop above the main cliff  drop seems to be the most widely accepted central estimate and will be the basis for my modelling.  This stopping point along the trail to Frankenstein Trestle is both beautiful and refreshing.  Arethusa falls will be perched high above the top of the helix, starting the upper level of the layout.  The mountainside and falls will be on a removable base allowing access to the top of the helix or the ability to stand inside the helix for maintenance purposes.

Frankenstein Trestle

No train bridge in NH is more iconic than Frankenstein Trestle, nestled along the cliffs on the climb from Bartlett up to Crawford Notch.  The upper level of the layout will feature the trestle in its full glory without compression, stretching approximately 3 feet of N scale trestle from end to end.

Willey Bridge

Further into the notch we cross Willey bridge, and adjacent Wiley House.  While Willey House is no longer present on the prototype, the structure remained in the 1960s and will appear with Willey bridge between Frankenstein Trestle and the top of Crawford Notch.

Saco Lake and  the View from Crawford Station

The highest point along the road through Crawford Notch is the location of Crawford Station.  Saco Lake lies north across the road from the station and will be partially represented at the front of this spot on the layout.  Across the road we will see the station and the almost limitless expansive view beyond to be depicted on the backdrop.  Historic Crawford House will complete the scene west of the station with little if any compression.