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Rolling Stock

Below is a partial (a bit outdated) inventory of rolling stock in my fleet. Some of these may be out of period and will most likely be sold together with any diplicates.  I will still need to work on adding at least another 150 cars to the fleet and balance the composition of rolling stock to better match the mix of rolling stock that would have appeared in my locations during the early 1950s. A more complete operational inventory will be able to be posted once I have prepared the railroad for operations.

* Note: Lengths are approximate based on scaling up the physical car length. Actual official prototype lengths might vary slightly from estimate.

 ManufacturerRoad NameRoad NumberCar TypeLength *
Color Scheme
AtlasATSF10799Double door boxcar50Brown
 BachmannATSF301489Covered Hopper55Brown
 Boston & Maine1923Milk car40Black
Arnold RapidoBoston & Maine19405Double door boxcar40Blue
 Boston & Maine70056Boxcar40Blue
AtlasBoston & Maine70056Boxcar40Blue
 Boston & Maine74706Boxcar40Black
BachmannBoston & Maine74750Mechanical Reefer40Brown
Life LikeBoston & Maine76000Boxcar50Blue
AtlasBoston & Maine76027Boxcar40Blue & Brown
 Boston & Maine76032Boxcar40Blue & Brown
AtlasBoston & Maine76142Boxcar40Blue & Brown
AtlasBoston & Maine76142Boxcar40Blue & Brown
Life LikeBoston & Maine76538Boxcar50Blue
 Boston & Maine77023Boxcar40Black
Life-LikeBoston & Maine77601Boxcar50Blue
 Boston & Maine79045Boxcar50Light Blue
TrixBoston & Maine9453Hopper55Blue
AtlasBoston & Maine9704Gondola42Light Blue
AHMBoston & Maine9704Gondola42Blue
 Boston & Maine Caboose Blue & Black
AtlasCanadian National528514Boxcar40Brown
 Lehigh & New England8484Boxcar40Black
 Maine Central24068Boxcar40Green
 Maine Central5530Boxcar40Green
 Maine Central5530Boxcar40Green
 Maine Central6384Boxcar40Green
AtlasMaine Central7500Center beam flatcar48Green
AtlasMaine Central7500Center beam flatcar48Green
 Maine Central7583Bulkhead flatcar55Black
AtlasMaine Central7714Bulkhead flatcar45Red
 Maine Central8217Boxcar40Green
AtlasMaine Central8663Boxcar40Gold
 Maine Central9007Double door boxcar50Brown
 Maine Central9015Double door boxcar50Brown
 Maine Central9028Double door boxcar50Brown
 Maine Central9034Double door boxcar50Brown
 Maine Central9036Double door boxcar50Brown
 Maine Central9047Double door boxcar50Brown
AHMMaine Central9072Double door boxcar50Green
AtlasMaine Central9309Boxcar50Green
AtlasNew Haven40045Boxcar40Black
Arnold RapidoNorfolk & Western52364Hopper, 2 bay40Gray
 New York Central47509Boxcar (track cleaner)40Teal
BachmannPennsylvania RR121312Boxcar50Brown
 Pennsylvania RR17233Hopper55Brown
 Rutland104Boxcar40Gold & Green
Micro TrainsUnion Refreigerator Transport40636Reefer40Gold
AtlasVermont Railway305Boxcar40Green
AtlasVermont Railway305Boxcar40Green
AtlasVermont Railway305Boxcar40Green