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V1 – Prototype

Railroads in NH were in decline in the mid-1960s.  But they weren’t dead yet and many of the locations that I feature on the NNES were still handling a fair amount of traffic. Below is a map of the Boston and Maine system in 1964 showing the route of the layout highlighted.  The portion of the route that is B&M track is in red while the portion that was owned by the Maine Central railroad is in green.  Areas in yellow are contemplated future areas for expansion should rights to the space to do so be acquired.

Northern New England Scenic Railroad Routes

All of the areas of the NNES have undergone substantial change since the 1960s, with the exception of individual features such as Frankenstein Trestle and the scenery in the open country of Crawford Notch that remains much as it was.

Photos from the 1960s that are not protected under copyright are somewhat hard to come by, so most photos from the period that represent the modelled elements of the railroad will be referenced as links to the owning sites.  As I continue to work on the railroad, I continue to take current pictures of the area both for contrast to the 1960s and as a means of gathering useful data.