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North Hampton Details

After leaving Hampton and rounding the end of the peninsula, the railroad approaches North Hampton.

At the start of the siding is a small trucking company.

After travelling down the length of the aisle and turning the bend, we reach the depot area of North Hampton with its freight house and spur for an oil dealer as the mainline and siding continue on towards Portsmouth.

As can be seen if you look closely on the left in the somewhat messy photo, the initial plan had single track mainline heading to Portsmouth and a double spur for the oil dealer.  That plan was changed for operational purposes to have the siding continue on as a double track the remainder of the way to Portsmouth for better access to the Portsmouth yard without fouling the mainline in case of passenger traffic.  Double track in this section was in place and also is therefore closer to the prototype. I hope to post a better photo of this area sometime soon.