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V1 – North Conway Track Plan

Below is a closer look at the portion of the XTrackCAD track plan for the North Conway, NH portion of the layout.  South is to the right and north to the left as a viewer in the layout room standing by that section would observe it.

North Conway NH Track Plan
North Conway Track Plan

At the upper center location will be the iconic Conway Station.  To the right, the closer building is from the prototype and has yet to be identified, but was apparently a business of some sort.  At the far right, the spur and building are a freelance addition I have made to increase operational interest, offering an additional industry location that can be worked.  It could easily represent an industry in Conway or even down in the Chocorua or Ossipee, NH areas. At the front are the turntable and roundhouse.  Just above and to the left of the roundhouse is a buiding that I believe may have been a freight house.  Further research will be needed to determine that.  If so, then the track wil run alongside it.  Across the tracks at a 45 degree angle is a building from the prototype that was some sort of industry or business yet to be determined.

At the far upper left section of the layout is a compressed area that serves two purposes on the layout.  This area is between North Conway and Bartlett.  That is an important location on the prototype because it represents the area in Intervale, NH where the Boston and Maine railroad from the Conway direction met up with the Maine Central coming out of Maine.  There was not very much of an interchange there, but I decided to use that geographical location to locae an industry and a couple spurs.  In addition to offering switching opportunities to service the industry there, this also provides a location for swapping between B&M power and MEC power should I wish to do so as part of operations.  My operations interest in the hobby is much more freelance than prototypical.  But swapping power at Intervale is something I occasionally will want to incude in operations.  The track configuration will easily support that activity, allowing the B&M power to then reverse back to North Conway while the MEC power proceeds further north and west through Bartlett towards Crawford Notch.