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North Conway Details

North Conway is one of two locations on the upper level of the layout that was also on V1 of the NNE Scenic.  The first version only got to the point of the track being down and working.  The track plan for North Conway has not changed except that it will occupy 13 linear feet of the layout versus about 9 feet for V1.

North Conway will serve as a passenger stop for trains heading to and from Crawford Notch and Fabyan as well as a drop and pickup point for through freights or to hold cars for interchange at Intervale between Boston & Maine and the Maine Central at Intervale. Those cars will be stored on the yard track between the turntable area and the mainline. A yard switcher will take care of switching the freight house.

The exchange at Intervale will be handled via a mountable casette between North Conway and Bartlett that will enable a small number of freight cars and power to be brought onto or taken off of the layout representing the connection to the Maine Central heading back towards Portland, ME.