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V1 – Madison Track Plan

Below is a closer look at the portion of the XTrackCAD track plan for the Madison, NH portion of the layout.  The diagram is rotated from the XTRackCAD orientation to place outh is to the right and north to the left as a viewer in the layout room standing by that section would observe it.

The rectangle by the tracks in the center is the liocation for the small station in Madison that today serves as the town post office as well as the ofice for the “Silver Lake Railroad” that provides a fun family ride along the tracks north (left) depicted in the layout.  Acros the street on the right side is a house by Silver Lake.  To the left of the station is a smallish building that I have not yet identified the use of at that time and then further left the freight house along the siding.  The track for the prototype then continues fairly straight between eskers and along the marsh that I needed to locate on a curve.  The blue area at the left side is the marsh area that will be full of marsh grass, lillipads and that will feature a beaver dam near the layout edge.  The eskers are built up on the layout between the left end of the siding and the marsh area.

The turnouts at the right end of the above diagram are where the triple tracks from Dover come together on the layout,  These would be nowhere near Madison on the prototype, but I needed to clear the curve at the end of the peninsula before bringing the tracks down to single track in order to avoid the complication of trying to do so on the curve.  That also allows me to manage longer trains in the Dover yard area without fouling the main.