This page provides links to some of the popluar model railroad hobby forums. Forums listed are those that appear to have a substantial number of posts per days. What is substantial?  That is my own subjective judgement, but a forum that does not see in the 8-10+ posts pretty much every day and many more on some days will most likely not be included in the list.


Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine - Totally electronic, totally interactive, totally free - Each monthly issue, 100+ pages!Model Railroad Hobbyist is a monthly online free publication with associated highly active model railroad forum discussion groups with a large volume of daily postings on a wide variety of topics.


Model Railroader Forums - Active forum associated with Model Railroader magazine. forum participation does not require a magazine subscription.

Model Train Forum  - Active discussion site that bills itself as the complete model train resource. - Active discussion forum focused on G scale.

New Railway Modellers Forum - Discussion forum focused on railroad modelling advice for beginners. - Extremely active forum focused entirely on N scale model railroading.

O Gauge Railroading Online Forum - Very active discussion forum focused on O scale model railroading.

Railroad Forums - Very active forum discussion site covering a wide variety of railroad topics for ailroad modelers, railfans, and enthusiasts.

Railroad Line Forums - Active discussion site with specific forum areas on a wide variety of model railroading topics. - Large discussion forum on thousands of railroad topics.

The Railwire - Active discussion forum covering a wide variety of model railroading topics.

TrainBoard - Somewhat active site tht bills itself as the Internet's Original train forum. - Long time active discussion forum organized around geographic areas and tpes of railroads.






Suggest Link to Discussion Site

If there is a model railroading related high usage discussion forum site that is of broad appeal that you think I should include a link to here, you may submit your suggestion.   I will assess whether I believe it fits how I think of this page in keeping with the types of links here described at the top of this page and if I concur I will add the link. 

Thank you for your suggestion.