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Hampton Falls Details

Approaching Hampton Falls, the track passes through light woods heading towards more salt marsh.

Travelling north from Seabrook, we first see the siding ahead to the left of the mainline.

As we approach the salt marsh, we cross Brimmer Rd where a few houses with gravel driveways dot the landscape and a car sits at the end of the road waiting to railfan the evening through freight.

Heading towards the station, we cross a bridge over one of the many small waterways that wind across the salt marshes heading to the ocean.  More mosquito ditches drain into the waterways. I have not yet modelled the water, but it will be fairly calm this far into the salt marsh.

At depot road, we find the station and freight houses, plus room for team track unloading of freight cars destined for Hampton Falls area businesses. Hampton Beach cottages line the horizon across the marsh.

As we continue north across the remainder of the salt marsh, we pass the end of the Hampton Falls siding. More mosquito ditches and waterways drain the coastal landscape.

Finally, we leave Hampton Falls and the salt marshes behind as we approach Hampton.