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Hampton Details

Hampton is the most extensive location on the lower level occupying roughly 30 feet of layout incllusive of the approach into Hampton.

The approach to Hampton runs through farms in the 1950s.

Approaching Hampton heading north, you first encounter the route 1 overpass which angles northeast under which the mainline runs. This roadway now is the southbound lane crossing under route 101 that was built in the early 1960s and later widened.  But in the early 1950s, this was a simple two lane road crossing over the tracks.

Just to the north, we begin to encounter country roads, farms, and small businesses as we approach the town.

First we encounter Drakeside Road, where a spur to the east of the mainline will serve Hinton Hay, a local hay baling business that ships out salt hay as well as hay from local farms for use in Massachusetts and northern NH.

Just to the north, by the next road, a spur extends from the Hampton siding on the west side of the mainline serving the local Grain and Feed supply.

As we approach town, around the inside of the peninsula elbow, we have a short industry siding to the east of the mainline with a small oil dealer and a spur to the west of the siding with an auto parts supplier that also may occasionally receive vehicles.

Completing the turn around the elbow, we come to the Hampton town center with the depot, a small yard, and several industries.