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Exeter Details

Exeter is the southern town represented on the middle level of the layout.  It was first included on V2 of the layout while we were living in OH. The layout never got past basic track being down on V2 before the opportunity arose to move back to NH and the layout came down.

The track arrangement shown is the same as had been designed for V2. Exeter is not used as a yard.  Through freights will not be stopping between Dover and Exeter.  An Exeter turn will deliver cars to and from Exeter, leveraging the 20+ car capacity of the siding to work the various Exeter industries.

The main industry is the machine works which will be modelled based on the prototype.  As is the case with Dover NH, the main difference with V3 is the space available.  On V2 of the lyout, Exeter occupied approcimately 12 liniear feet of benchwork.  That has expanded by a third to over 16′ on V3 providing a bit more room for the machine works and slightly longer cuts of cars.