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V1 – Bartlett

Bartlett was in a pretty sorry state of repair in the mid-1960s.  This photo of the roundhouse shows the structure in decline and only a single roundhouse track remaining heading towards stall 2.

Bartlett Roundhouse 1966

One feature in the photo not present today but that I will be adding to the kit I will be using is the small attached structure on the left side of the roundhouse.  This is fascinating not only due to it being missing today but also because in some periods decades earlier the roundhouse had more than four stalls.  So the small attached structure was only present across an undefined but relatively short period of time int he history of the structure. One photo from 1937 appear to show the four stalls without the atached structure, but the photo is inconclusive because of the angle and mostly obstructed visibility towards where the structure would be.

This photo of the snowplow also from 1966 depicts the track between the roundhouse and the freight house in the distance.

Snowplow with Freight House in Distance

The photo reveals the paint colors of the freight house matching later photos from the 1970s, and serves as the basis for a repaint I will be doing of the freight house kit I originally painted based on present-day colors.

The track plan is somewhat unclear to me, but photos such as the snowplow photo as well as Google earth images suggest that the track plan on the layout is reasonably accurate for the period up to the 1960s with the exception of my placement of the wye in the opposite direction for space reasons and the fact that my layout has to turn between the freight house area and the roundhouse area.  But arrangement and number of sidings approximates what I have been able to find to date.

Here are a few roundhouse photos taken prior to some of the more recent renovations that have been taking place.