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V1 – Bartlett Track Plan

Below is a closer look at the portion of the XTrackCAD track plan for the North Conway, NH portion of the layout.  The compass directions shift by 90 degrees for this section of the layout.  Whereas the B&M portions of the layout run south to north, the Maine central portions shift west at Intervale.  At this point, east is to the right and west is to the left.  The observer in the aisle is on the south side looking north acros the tracks. (This will shift again when we get to the upper level.)

Bartlett NH Track Plan
Bartlett Track Plan

Due to the layout room shape with the walls of the room forming the 60 degree angle corner, this track plan, which is straight throughout on the prototype, employs a fairly sharp curve between the Bartlett freight house and town area and the Bartlett yard.  At the bottom right, the easternmost section of Bartlett on the layout, starts with the freight house alongside the tracks.  Behind the freight house (left of it on the diagram) is a commercial building of some sort.  Across the street is a small residential neighborhood with a mixture of residential and non-residential buildings alongside the roads.

One significant departure from the prototype is the location of the wye on the layout.  On the prototype, the wye was located to the south of the tracks, on the aisle side of the layout.  Based on the room geometry, I took advantage of the tight corner for the wye.  This serves not only as a way to turn locomotives around on this section of the layout, but also has future potential for extending the layout through the wall to the adjacent room someday if my pipe dream of doing so were ever to pass the local in-home zoning authority.  It is a long shot but it would offer the potential to extend the Maine Central from Intervale into Maine to the Portland area.  You will see in the diagram that I did keep a curved spur extending into the residential area from the yard.  This would have been one of the actual tracks of the wye on the prototype.  I kept that section specifically to improve yard operations.

The yard track configuration is, to the best of my research, fairly accurate for the period, though some of the sidings on the north side closer to the wall may have been fairly buried by 1965.  At that time, only a single track remained approaching the roundhouse, and the roundhouse was already in deteriorating condition externally. 

To the west of the roundhouse (down right in the paper track plan sketch just abobe) I include the street beyond and some additional houses present in that area.