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NNE Scenic Overview

Version 3 of the Northern New England Scenic is nearing the end of its fourth year of construction.  The design is for a three-level N scale pike that occupies a roughly 27’x18′ finished room in the basement of our home.  There is an adjacent 27’x12′ unfinished space that houses the utilities for the home, storage space, and modelling space.  Eventually, the unfinished space will be finished to improve comfort for modelling and for crew to sit and interact when not out operating trains on the layout.

The biggest changes in year 4 were work on the Salem MA Yard, extension of the benchwork and preiiminary trackwork from the Salem Yard into the closet area to represent the line continuing on to Boston, and scenic work in Hampton, NH.

These pages will see further updates of progress over the remainder of 2023 into 2024 with the objective of completing the level 1 track work and the potential to begin mounting the benchwork for the middle level.