This page provides links to some of the popular model railroading hobby publications. Publications included in these listings are believed to be continuing to publish on a regular schedule.  I have not included publications that are no longer in operation or that appear to be of questionable viability based on a cursory examination of their online presence.  In addition, the list does not include magazines or journals published to members only of membership organizations.  Inclusion is entirely subjective on my part, and can include online and print publications, but is limited to publications with a track record of regular, on-time publication of materials in a professional format, typically color, and minimally news-stand worthy whether actually delivered in print or digitally.


Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine - Totally electronic, totally interactive, totally free - Each monthly issue, 100+ pages!Model Railroad Hobbyist is a monthly online free publication with associated highly active model railroad forum discussion groups. Subscription based print edition is also available.


Kalmbach Publications publishes the following model railroad related magazines:


White River Publications publishes the following model railroad related magazines:


Morton's Media Group (via Classic Magazines) is a publisher of the following magazines:


World of Railways is an online Publisher featuring the following magazines:


Other Model Railroad Publications: