Most structures on the NNES will be scratch built or kit-bashed to provide a reasonable facsimile of the more important or recognizable structures from the prototype.  A partially list of planned structures and status are:






Dover Dover roundhouse and Machine Shop Kitbash Complete except details
Dover Deteriorating Sand House plus Diesel fueling stand Scratch Complete
Dover Oak Street Bridge Scratch Complete
Madison Station Scratch Not started  
Madison Freight House Scratch In Progress  
Madison Out building Scratch Not started  
North Conway Iconic North Conway station Scratch Not started  
North Conway Roundhouse Kitbash Acquired kit, not started  
North Conway Miscellaneous buildings Kitbash Not started  
Bartlett Freight House Kit Complete except for details
Bartlett Various houses and commercial buildings Kitbash Not started  
Bartlett Roundhouse Kit with addition Acquired kit, not started  
Crawford Notch Station Scratch or kitbash Not started  
Crawford Notch Crawford House Scratch Not started  
Gilman, VT Gilman Paper Mill Scratch Not started