Below are the current and desired locomotive rosters for the Northern New England Scenic Model Railroad.

Current Locomotives


Manufacturer Model Road Name Road Number Color Scheme DCC? Decoder Mfg Decoder Model #
Atlas GP-7 Boston & Maine 1570 Maroon & Gold Yes NCE N12A2, v38
Bachmann RS-3 Boston & Maine 1545 Maroon & Gold Yes Bachmann  
  E7A Boston & Maine 3811 Maroon & Gold No    
Kato RDC-1 Boston & Maine 6306 Silver Yes Digitrax DN143K2
Kato RDC-3 Boston & Maine 6900 Silver Yes Digitrax DN143K2
Kato RDC-1 Undecorated Dummy   Silver Dummy    
Kato RDC-2 Undecorated   Silver Yes Digitrax DN143K2
Atlas GP-7 Maine Central 561 Green & Gold Yes TCS  CN-GP
Atlas GP-7 Maine Central 564 Green & Gold Yes Atlas  
Atlas GP-7 Maine Central 566 Maroon & Gold Yes TCS CN-GP
Atlas GP-7 Maine Central 568 Maroon & Gold Yes TCS CN-GP


Desired Additional Locomotives

 I would like to supplement the above fleet with the following additional diesel locomotives:

Boston & Maine:

  • GP9 (Bluebird)
  • SW9 (maroon & gold)
  • SW1 (maroon & gold)
  • GP18 (Bluebird)
  • F3A (blue & white) -- might not exist as B&M.  Kato made F3's of other railroads
  • F7A (maroon & gold) -- Bev-Bel is the only reference found

 Maine Central:

  • RS11 (green & gold)
  • F3A (green & gold)
  • F3B (green & gold)
  • GP38 (1966) (gold)